Ten horsey things to be thankful for

Usually I don’t do seasonal blogs but this year, it feels special to list a number of horsey things I’m thankful for.

Sept_October 018

IMG_08751)  A fresh snowfall and the joy of putting the first hoofprints in the pasture snow.

2)  I am still healthy enough to swing a leg over.

3) Dear friends and horse people to talk about horses with incessantly and ride with.IMG_0546

3) There are more than a few good days of winter here in Santa Fe, not very predictable, but in which we can ride out on the trail.

4) I have more tack than I know what to do with.Sept_October 010

5) A barnful of hay, with that wonderful cold winter scent on it, a dusting of snow skirting the edges.

6) Zuzka, my 21-year-old mare, with her efficient management skills and go-to attitude.

7) Khami, my 24-year-old gelding, who would like there to be food available 24 hours a day.

8) Patches, Ariana’s 16-year-old Paint gelding, who is in love with all the mares on the place and all those he hasn’t met yet.

Patches focused on Princess
Patches focused on Princess

9) Jazzmine, 10-year-old Arab mare, who keeps her mind open to learning all types of new things.Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 8.14.56 PM

10) A warm place to come back to when all the horsey stuff is done with a fairly tolerant family. Oh, and as part of that, a little grandson who loves horses!

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