Tune in: developing a caretaking horse

Today my grandson Kaiden was riding our 24-year-old gelding, Khami. Kaiden slipped or stuck his leg out, I don’t know which, and Khami stopped. Kaiden said he felt like he was falling off.

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The thinking horse – promoting healthy curiosity in your horse

Have you ever encountered a horse that seems dull, uninterested in his or her surroundings, steps on your feet, seems robotic in work, or just wanders off when you’re doing an exercise?

A video capture showing a timid horse with a confident horse inside!
A video capture showing a timid horse with a confident horse inside!

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Spring Santa Fe Clinic builds the working bond with horses

Each liberty clinic forms a community. Some of the six attendees at the March 30th clinic held in Santa Fe at Arrowhead Ranch knew something about the Waterhole Rituals by Carolyn Resnick before coming, and some did not know them at all. We started out getting a feeling for the Rituals with a short video. In the arena, we worked at first with each other, which helps to ground everyone and helps them get the rhythm of motion with a horse. Later we would see how to adjust energy to each individual horse’s needs.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 8.38.43 AM

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I thought I had a good bond with my horse…

I hear this phrase from a lot of people. It’s startling and disappointing for people who have gotten a horse that they think likes them and then they find out the horse doesn’t want to do what he or she is asked. In some cases, the horse has “chosen” them in some way, and they feel a special bond with the horse right from the beginning. Why isn’t that bond carrying them through? Why aren’t they riding that horse through magical landscapes with the sun setting golden in the west?

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