Through an open gate

Horses generally love an open gate. An open gate even if it’s one they’ve been through before, signifies something different, something to be curious about. Going places. Perhaps the grass tastes different there, or there will be an adventure.

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The difference between “doing” and “being” with horses

The Liberty Foundations are a forever thing with horses. Just because a horse has been taught them by other horses, for example, it doesn’t mean he or she stops doing them.

Ultimately we all want horses to do something specific with us. In order for that to come about, the horse will do the something best if first brought into relationship.

Spirit Horse Ranch herd
Spirit Horse Ranch herd

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10 tips for working with a fearful horse

I’m reblogging this post from a year ago, since this week has been pretty busy with the Spring Liberty Foundations Clinic in Oklahoma. Stay tuned for Friday’s blog that will cover some of our experiences and photos of the recent clinic!

Body Language

Horses are fearful by nature; they are flight animals. How we address fear in the horse has to be a very fluid and dynamic thing because not all horses will respond to the same approach. A frightened horse is potentially dangerous because they are hard wired to flee or react suddenly when frightened.


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