Go with the flow of equine rhythms

Much like people have mantras and chanting for their meditations, horses move and flow rhythmically. If we can watch, feel and be a part of their rhythms rather than imposing our own modern-day rushed rhythms on them, we will find they are much more likely to want to be with us, and will be curious about us.

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Just got my horse back from the trainer and…

You fill in the blanks. Several things could have happened here. In a perfect world, the horse is doing great. You have great energy and your horse and you are a real team. Best case, your trainer has also worked with you and your new horse to know what the trainer is doing so that you can all work on “the same page.”

Kaiden is one of the youngest horse trainers I know - creating curiosity
Kaiden is one of the youngest horse trainers I know – creating curiosity in the horse

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Bodywork alternatives for horses – OrthoHorse Tutorial news

Last weekend I conducted a three-hour tutorial on equine bodywork on Friday before the Spirit Horse Liberty Foundation Clinic in Jones, Oklahoma. Visiting and ranch horses were evaluated and students learned some skills in how to do bodywork on their own horses, with work on the hindquarters, shoulders and legs that translated to the spine. This work addresses the physical problems horses suffer. Among the students were an equine chiropractor, horse trainer and nurse who were all amazed as I have often been at the powerful effect of Equine Ortho-Bionomy.

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