What we read into what horses tell us

Recently I have been concerned about how people and horses come together, and how we “read” what horses are telling us.

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Tune in: developing a caretaking horse

Find out how to nurture a caretaking horse…

Body Language

Today my grandson Kaiden was riding our 24-year-old gelding, Khami. Kaiden slipped or stuck his leg out, I don’t know which, and Khami stopped. Kaiden said he felt like he was falling off.


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Straight from the heart…what do horses tell us?

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to talk about what we think of “love” between ourselves and our horses. We don’t really need studies to tell us what we feel about our horses and probably we have a good sense of how our horses feel about us. So much of what we feel would be considered “anecdotal evidence,” yet it is powerful and real. But there have been pilot studies done on the relationships between people and their horses, with some surprising, validating results.

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