Another chapter in the life of Sharif

By now the rescued Navajo pony, aka finely bred Crabbet or Polish Arab gelding, Sharif, now the beloved horse of Cindy Roper in Cerrillos, is well ensconced in his new home. August 17 marked his one month anniversary in Cerrillos. If this is your first introduction to this story, please see Beyond the Rescue for the background story to bring you up to date, which also includes a reference to Leta Worthington’s wonderful story about his history, Blotched Botched or Blessing – One Indian Pony’s Amazing Journey – or at least as much as we know about it so far.

Cindy & Sharif
[Catherine Sobredo Photography]
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The most beautiful horse in the world

Your horse is the most beautiful, talented horse in the world.

That’s what you think on the way to the barn, while you’re at the barn scooping poop, doctoring a wound, sitting with him, sitting on him. He is as he is in the present moment, with you, a more powerful presence than what he has been and has been through in his life.

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Beyond the rescue

This past week I worked on Sharif, a new horse for Cindy Roper. At this time,  he is probably one of the most documented horses on Facebook in Santa Fe County, as his story is astonishing. You can read about it in Leta Worthington’s blog:

Blotched Botched or Blessing – One Indian Pony’s Amazing Journey

I came in to help him with the physical/emotional problems that he has accumulated as a result of his experiences. One of the problems Sharif had, after a horrendous experience of being on a slaughter truck bound for Mexico, was that he couldn’t back up and he didn’t want to lift his hind legs. He brings his hind legs, particularly the right one, straight out to the side laterally when asked to lift a leg.

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