Horses Need Homes – NOW!

Very often we hear about horses that need homes – desperately, right now! They can be horses that are rescues, or horses that have fallen on hard times, just moved from place to place after having had a long life with people who love them. Sometimes the people can’t take care of them any more. This has happened a lot since the economy crashed and more horses ended up without homes. A divorce, serious illness or job loss can be disastrous for much-loved family horses.


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Interview with a Paint Horse

This past weekend I attended one day of an animal communication workshop with Leta Worthington, a well known animal communicator who lives in Cerrillos, New Mexico. We were each to bring photos of animals we wanted to work with. I of course, brought my horse pictures, and we worked Patches.

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Women who love their horses too much

You might laugh and say, “oh, how can that be? What’s wrong with loving your horse too much?”

It actually isn’t the loving, it’s the tipping over to please the horse that is the problem. One you tip, you lose your center. You’re no longer able to hold your leadership and your horse may take advantage of that and stop listening to you.

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