Winter solstice musings

Winter solstice begins today and lasts through Christmas Day, December 25th. What we have this year is an alignment of the planets with the sun and the beginning of a new era for this planet we live on.


I understand we may be operating at higher frequencies, perhaps more like horses do. That may mean higher sensitivity so if that is the case we will need to stay very tuned into the moment, not the past or the future. I always believe that if I can be more like a horse, my life will be better. I will be able to interact with other beings in a more real, grounded way. So I look forward to winter solstice and will be out there communing with my horses and looking to see new ways we might interact with one another. I want to feel positive energy running through me – the flow – and even if bad things happen this positive energy will sustain me and allow me to have some buoyancy, not sink into despair when the going gets tough.

Over the next days, I want to check in with myself when I wake up, be centered, check my relationship to the solar system. I will look forward to hearing from you about what you experience in your self and with your horses over the next days!

(copyright Susan Smith)


2 thoughts on “Winter solstice musings

    1. Thank you, Ruella. It was beautiful through the three days, I could feel the still point within the horses as well. Whatever outside movement they exhibited, there was that still point, a peace that I hope will sustain us all throughout the New Year!

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