Chakra balancing

Chakras are an age-old way of checking all the different sections of the body energetically. They are a complex system of energy centers that travel on a vertical energetic axis along the spine. “Chi” or universal energy flows in and out of them along the meridian system.

Chakras were first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient Hindu texts of knowledge, but have been found in Taoist, Kabbalistic, Buddhist and Aryan traditions as well. For basic purposes here, the seven chakras are crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. These seven are located along the spine in the corresponding locations. They are generally associated with different colors, as in the chart below. Some systems also engage one above the head and below the feet.

When any of the chakras are weak, the person or animal may have difficulty with movement, connection with others, achieving goals and many other aspects of life. People who suffer immune disorders, PTSD, any type of trauma, or injuries very often have chakra imbalances that can be addressed with Ortho-Bionomy. The same is true with horses. Horses don’t hold onto their trauma quite as we do, and can self-correct a lot within their community.

I don’t always check chakras, but will do so if someone (this includes animals) has experienced a difficult illness, immune condition, trauma or injury. If chakras are out of balance or not engaging with the entire nervous system they can feel flat, murky, resistant, or empty.

There may be other ways they manifest themselves but that is how I receive the information. I check each chakra and say hello and ask if/how they would like to engage. A healthy chakra will have a feeling of openness, greeting, expansiveness like a great field or Dvorak symphony in some bodies, perhaps chatty or inviting in another. A healthy chakra is a tremendous resource.

There is no right or wrong in this; it just is. By inviting the healthy chakras to engage, they then may engage the other ones who are having difficulty getting online with the system. This method is in keeping with the Ortho-Bionomy principle, “going in the direction of ease,” with greeting and asking. There is no pushing or pulling of energy involved.

If you are feeling a lack of connection in any part of your body, chances are a chakra is weak. You can offer this same invitation to your healthy chakras and see if they can also ask of the ones that are not responding as easily. The chakras may change according to how you are responding to environmental as well as inner stresses. When they are all operating well, there will be a sense of energy running freely through your body, not stopped up anywhere.

With animals, I just learned of a primary chakra called the “brachial” chakra, located between the shoulders just below where the shoulder meets the neck. It’s fitting as even before knowing this, I unconsciously check in with an animal in this region. This one was discovered by renowned animal healer Margrit Coates. She believes that this is where animal/human interaction begins. In addition, there are “bud” chakras included – which are on the feet and on the skin at the base opening of each ear.

In the herd, chakras are balancing among herd members all the time. The herd has an inherent need to keep the herd safe and healthy, thus the safety and health of each individual is paramount. I would guess there is less likelihood of chakra imbalance among wild horses whose family systems have not been disrupted than among domesticated ones. Horses that have been wild or had more time in natural settings will have a stronger self-corrective reflex which equals stronger chakras which equals better health than those who have spent their lives in small stalls, separated from other herd members.

We can learn a lot from herds because they know how to maintain healthy communities. We can also help those horses who live in confinement to find balance in their lives by learning how they can thrive in their given environment. Chakras are a great way to check in with them to find out how this might be possible.


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